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Internationally tested and proven human rights-based education classroom activities, for early childhood education settings.
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Blind trust

An early childhood education activity which will help children appreciate the importance of trust in the classroom environment and wider community.

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Children's Commissioner for Wales

The Children's Commissioner for Wales website offers a simple, easy online game for young children outlining the Rights of the Child. As children explore a community map they must collect all of their rights by clicking on everyday objects, once they have collected all of the rights in one section they are able to move to the next section of the map.
Creating Classroom Rules

The importance of classroom climate and the need for participation and cooperation cannot be emphasised enough. The children’s suggestions and opinions are also very helpful in creating the best classroom atmosphere. Be open to their help and provide necessary changes.The following activity is very significant because it has a direct effect on classroom climate. It clearly demonstrates a teacher’s willingness to involve the class in how the classroom is run and her or his own trust in its members. It also makes children think about what rules are desirable and possible in class, how they might be observed and the teacher’s own role in maintaining the classroom environment.

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CyberDodo.com is a fun interactive website for young children children. The site is dedicated to Defending Life and focuses on the Rights of the Child and the sustainability. CyberDodo.com offers numerous resources including games, cartoons, quizzes, information files and e-cards along.
Games for Change

Games for Change offers links to a number of games based on human rights, development and environmental sustainability issues in the world today. Games are able to be selected from interest categories and can also be broken into age groups. Ages covered range from 3 up.
Human rights cards

This is a template of human rights cards which can be used for a number of different activities.

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An Early Childhood or Lower Primary activity linking to Te Whāriki. In this activity children discover the difference between right and wrong, ideas of accountability and taking responsibility for one's actions, and the beginnings of mediation skills. Creativity, discussion and simple elements of conflict resolution are involved.

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Special Person

An early childhood education classroom activity linking to Te Whariki. Develop an appreciation of difference and an anti-discriminatory mindset in children in an activity involving thinking and group discussion.

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The Lifeline

An Early childhood activity linking to Te Whāriki, for children to share with one another the things which are most important to them in life. Involving art, creativity, thinking and sharing.

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The Washing Machine

A fun Early childhood activity linking to Te Whāriki, teaching children how great it feels to receive compliments, be cared for and respected. Through this activity a sense of responsibility to act in a caring and positive way towards others is generated.

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