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Human Rights in Education is an open collaborative Initiative. It depends on the contributions of educators prepared to share their ideas, resources and experiences.

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HRiE ECE Services

Early childhood education services involved in Human Rights in Education share a commitment to the development of human rights-based education in New Zealand.

Consistent with the early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, they are based on the fundamental idea that every young child has an internationally-recognised right to an education aimed at development of their personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential, and preparation for responsible life in a free society; an education that:

  • respects their human rights (such as rights to dignity, identity, safety, expression & participation, justice)
  • helps realise their human rights (such as the rights to health, work, an adequate standard of living, a sustainable environment)
  • promotes the human rights of others.

They treat children as citizens now, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

They play an active and supporting role in the development of HRiE by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Basing the centre on human rights and responsibilities involves:

  • Framing the mission of the centre in human rights terms, and reflecting this in the centre’s strategic plan
  • Staff and parents learning about the human rights framework and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – best done through start-up workshops
  • Ensuring respectful behaviour towards others and building a rights-respecting culture in the centre
  • Building a rights & responsibilities perspective into the curriculum
  • Referring to relevant rights and responsibilities in centre decisionmaking
  • Developing children’s capacity to participate in decisionmaking.

Services in the Human Rights in Education Initiative.

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Last Updated (Friday, 11 December 2009 11:41)

Students take the lead at Motueka High School

Students led human rights initiatives at Motueka High School, with the support of senior staff, since they volunteered for a workshop before the beginning of term 1 2009. A revised code of conduct and discipline policy were their major priorities. More