Te Whariki

Human rights-based early childhood education activity suggestions with links to Te Whāriki. Documents relating Te Whāriki to Human Rights in Education.
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An Early Childhood or Lower Primary activity linking to Te Whāriki. In this activity children discover the difference between right and wrong, ideas of accountability and taking responsibility for one's actions, and the beginnings of mediation skills. Creativity, discussion and simple elements of conflict resolution are involved.

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Special Person

An early childhood education classroom activity linking to Te Whariki. Develop an appreciation of difference and an anti-discriminatory mindset in children in an activity involving thinking and group discussion.

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The Lifeline

An Early childhood activity linking to Te Whāriki, for children to share with one another the things which are most important to them in life. Involving art, creativity, thinking and sharing.

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The Washing Machine

A fun Early childhood activity linking to Te Whāriki, teaching children how great it feels to receive compliments, be cared for and respected. Through this activity a sense of responsibility to act in a caring and positive way towards others is generated.

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