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Human rights-based education manuals, research literature, links to human rights-based education sites and HRiE documents explaining how and why rights-based education works.

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The Principal

Leading the school in the development of human rights-based education is consistent with, requires, and reinforces the areas of practice, activities and qualities outlined in the Kiwi Leadership model for Principals (KLP)

Download this HRiE School resource kit document to read more.

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The right to human rights-based education

Explanation of the right to an education directed to development of respect for human rights for every child, with reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Conventionm on the Rights of the Child. (Part of the HRiE School Resource Kit)

Download as Word Doc.(35.5KB)
UNCRoC in a page

A simplified version of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRoC). (Part of the HRiE School Resource Kit)

Download as Word Doc.(39.5KB)
UNICEF UK: Rights Respecting School Award

This nationwide award scheme promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for enhancing teaching, learning, ethos, attitudes and behaviour. Below is a link to the UNICEF website where you will find a summary of the Rights Respecting School Award, as well as a PDF version of the 2008 Briefing Paper on RRS in England.

Click here for a link to the UNICEF UK website.


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