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Information on how rights-based education provides a practical framework to implement Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum, as well as Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School classroom activities linked to learning ares, key competencies, values, curriculum levels and year levels.

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Compass - Power Station

As power is often associated with violence, this activity uses creative group work to address issues of violence in the community, and ways to solve the problems of violence. Students develop knowledge and understanding about violence and its causes and how to take responsibility for seeking creative solutions to violence. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - Responding to Racism

This activity uses role-play and reviewing of a critical incident to provoke participants to review their understanding of cultural difference. It also involves discussion and collective writing to address issues about the difficulties of stepping outside one’s own cultural perspective and racism, stereotypes and cultural differences as well. (Part of the Compass HRE  manual)

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Compass - Rights Bingo

This easy activity is a simple quiz and variation of the game, Bingo!, in which people share their knowledge and experiences of human rights. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - Sport for All

In this high-energy activity, participants use their imagination and creativity to design new games. The issues addressed include rules of games, their justification and monitoring, the idea of human rights as rules for living and discrimination in sports. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - Take a step forward (Year 8-9)

In this activity, participants experience what it is like to be someone else in their society. While dealing with social inequality as a source of discrimination and exclusion, students foster an understanding of possible personal consequences of belonging to certain social minorities or cultural groups. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - The impact of the internet

This activity involves both small group and plenary discussions to analyse issues of the future of the Internet and the use of the Internet for the promotion of human rights. Critical thinking skills are developed while becoming aware of the implications of the Internet and access to information world-wide. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - The language barrier

This activity is a simulation of the difficulties that refugees face when applying for asylum: from the frustrations and emotional factors, while overcoming the language barrier to the discrimination during the application procedure. It demonstrates the importance of both language and intercultural education and develops empathy through being aware of the frustrations refugees face when applying for asylum. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - The Scramble for wealth and power

This activity simulates the fight for wealth and power and inequality in the world. Inequality in the distribution of wealth, power imbalance and the consequences are to be critically discussed, as are the causes and consequences of poverty. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - The web of life

In this activity, people brainstorm links in a global food web. They explore the interdependency of living and non-living things and the inevitable impact of all human activity on the environment, and its consequences. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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Compass - To vote or not to vote

This activity involves a survey of people in the community to explore voting in elections and civic participation. Students develop skills to find out and analyse information critically and learn about the importance of  valuing the personal contribution of every citizen in a democracy. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

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