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Information on how rights-based education provides a practical framework to implement Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum, as well as Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School classroom activities linked to learning ares, key competencies, values, curriculum levels and year levels.

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Compass - "Draw-the-word" game

Easy drawing activity to develop team building and creative thinking while developing knowledge of the UDHR. Another related objective is the promotion of solidarity and respect of diversity.

(Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 102KB)

Compass - A Glossary of Globalisation

The aim of this activity  is to list as many words as possible around the concept of globalisation. Through this exercise the students gain knowledge and understanding of the manifestations, causes and consequences of globalisation. (Part of the Compass manual on human rights education with young people)

(Download as PDF 108KB)

Compass - A tale of two cities

In this activity students have a choice between two cities and must decide which one they want to live in. The activity introduces students to ideas of citizenship, globalisation, democracy and group solidarity. (Part of the Compass manual in human rights education).

(Download as PDF 371KB)

Compass - Access to medicaments

This activity is based on a case, which came before the South African high court in 2001. In the activity, students weigh both sides of the trial: the right to property of the Pharmacia Companies and the right to life in health and dignity of the people living in the fear of AIDS. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 237KB)

Compass - Act it out

This activity leads students through dramatisation of a concept of human rights. This creative activity develops cooperation and communication skills while finding different ways of representing their perceptions of human rights. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 99KB)

Compass - All equal, All different

In this activity, students have to date two texts and to guess who the authors were and where they lived. The subsequent discussions are about the equality of people and the right to non-discrimination, the right to rights and freedom without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, religion, etc.. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 158KB)

Compass - Ashique's Story

This activity gives children an understanding of to child labour, its causes, consequences and how to stop it. The activity relates to the right to education and the right to recreation. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 199KB)

Compass - Beware we are watching

In this activity, students are led to speak about the causes and consequences of globalisation and relocation by transnational companies. By imagining working with trade labours and human rights organisations students an gain understanding of transnational of labour and its implications. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)


(Download as PDF 140KB)

Compass - Can I come in ?

A role-play activity about a group of refugees trying to escape to another country. The plight of refugees and the social and economic arguments for giving and denying asylum will be discussed.

(Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 220KB)

Compass - Children's Rights

This activity deepens students’ knowledge of the Children’s rights and the duties and responsibilities under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 161KB)

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