HRiE School Resource Kit

Date added:
Tuesday, 02 December 2008
Last revised:
Friday, 17 April 2009


A Kit for school leaders containing down loadable documents covering the rationale, methods and basic reference materials for human rights-based education in schools.


The Case for human righs-based education (SRK1005)

Building human rights communities in education: a New Zealand initiative (SRK1010)

10 arguments for human rights-based education (SRK1015)

The school as a rights-respecting community (SRK1020)

Evidence of Impact: the Hampshire case study (SRK1025)

Human Rights and Education

Human rights (SRK2001)

A Universal Declaration (SRK2005)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (SRK2010)

UDHR in a page (SRK2011)

Human rights principles (SRK2015)

The human rights of young people (SRK2020)

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRoC) (SRK2025)

UNCRoC in a page (SRK2026)

The right to human rights-based education (SRK2030)

The Convention on the Rights of the Child and education (SRK2031)

Human rights and the Treaty of Waitangi (SRK2035)

Human rights-based education: fulfilling NZ education policy (SRK2040)

Human rights and the New Zealand Curriculum (SRK2045)

Human rights and the teachers' Code of Ethics (SRK2050)

Building the rights-respecting school

Human rights-based education in practice: Hampshire primary school kids (SRK3001)

Building a rights-respecting school community (SRK3005)

School stragey map (SRK3006)

Responsibilities of teaching staff (SRK3010)

The Principal (SRK3015)

Board of Trustees (SRK3020)

Student participation in school decisionmaking (SRK3025)

Parents and whanau (SRK3030)

Taking the human rights temperature of your school (SRK??)

Benchmarks for rights-respecting schools (SRK3045)

Rights and Responsibilities Agreements: joining the dots (SRK3050)

Getting started (SRK3055)

Human rights-based school cirriculum

Developing a human rights-based school curriculum (SRK4001)

Developing a Class Agreement (SRK4011)

Human rights calendar (SRK4012)

Human Rights and other curriculum themes / special programmes (SRK4020)

Social Sciences and Human rights (SRK4201)

The Arts and Human rights (SRK4401)

A wider initiative

Organisation of the NZ Initiative (SRK6101)

Sponsoring organisations (SRK6110)

Human rights-based education - chronology (SRK6201)

A World Programme (SRK6220)