Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook

Adeline Duvivier
Date added:
Thursday, 12 February 2009
Last revised:
Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Compasito will provide you with ideas, inspiration and practical help to explore human rights with children. Designed by the Council of Europe and thoroughly tested internationally Compasito includes various rights-based classroom activities suitable for Years 1-10 students. Follow this link to access a list of classroom activities.

4.0 Summary document (Compasito 4.0 PDF 101KB)

4.1 A Body of Knowledge

4.2 A Constitution for our group

4.3 A Human Rights calendar

4.4 Advertising in human rights

4.5 Blindfolded

4.6 Board game

4.7 Boys don't cry

4.8 Bullying scenes

4.9 Capture the castle

4.10 Compasito reporter

4.11 Cookie monster

4.12 Dear diary

4.13 Every vote counts

4.14 From bystander to helper

4.15 Human Rights in the news

4.16 Modern Fairytale

4.17 Most important for whom

4.18 My universe of rights

4.19 Once upon a time

4.20 Picture games

4.21 Picturing ways out of violence

4.22 Puppets tell the story

4.23 Putting Rights on the map

4.24 Rabbit's Rights

4.25 Red alerte

4.26 Rights mobile

4.27 Sailing to a new land

4.28 Silent speaker

4.29 Take a step forward

4.30 The battle for the orange

4.31 The invisibles are coming

4.32 Waterdrops

4.33 We are family

4.34 What a wonderful world

4.35 What I like and What I do

4.36 What if the world were flat?

4.37 Where do you stand?

4.38 Who is behind me?

4.39 Who should decide?

4.40 Word that wound

4.41 World summer camp

4.42 Zabderfilio


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