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A wide range of organisations contribute to the Human Rights in Education initiative. Five organisations collaborated to launch HRiE: Amnesty International, Office of the Children's Commissioner, Development Resource Centre/Gobal Focus, Human Rights Commission and the Peace Foundation.

Human Rights Commission - Te Kâhui Tika Tangata

The Commission champions fundamental human rights as a framework for a fair and just society for all the people of New Zealand. The Commission's vision is that New Zealanders know their rights, acknowledge their responsibilities and respect the rights of others. An independent statutory body, its functions include encouraging the maintenance and development of harmonious relationships between individuals and among the diverse groups in New Zealand society.

Children’s Commissioner

The Children's Commissioner speaks out on behalf of all children and young people in Aotearoa New Zealand to ensure their rights are respected and upheld. The Children’s Commissioner is an independent authority and promotes their wellbeing through advocacy, consultation, monitoring, research and investigation. The Children's Commissioner Act 2003 allows the commissioner to inquire into any matter affecting children and young people in any service or organisation and investigate the actions of Child, Youth and Family Services.

Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand (AINZ)

Amnesty International (AI) is a global movement of 3 million people who contribute their time, expertise and funds to promoting human rights and international campaigning against some of the most serious violations, including political imprisonment, torture and killings. AINZ’s 8,000 members wish to see New Zealand – which played a major role in helping to formulate the international human rights framework – develop as a country that provides courageous and creative human rights leadership in the 21st century, and that is as well known for its defence of human rights as its rugby. AINZ has groups in over 100 secondary schools.

gLobal Focus Aotearoa


Global Focus Aotearoa was New Zealand’s specialist centre on international development and global issues, seeking to inform and educate people to take action to create a just world. The Centre’s work was underpinned by a human rights approach and it aimed to increase the knowledge, understanding and realisation of human rights. Its Global Education Centre worked to build teachers, and other educators, capacity to engage with global issues with an understanding of human rights.

The Peace Foundation

The Peace Foundation (Foundation for Peace Studies Aotearoa/New Zealand) recognises that respect for human rights is an essential component of societies at peace. The Foundation helps to establish and maintain peaceful and non-violent relationships by teaching rights-respecting skills that encourage better communication, co-operation and non-violent conflict resolution. The Foundation draws on the knowledge, skills and energy of a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals who are committed to meeting the aims of the organisation - a number of whom are acknowledged both nationally and internationally for the role they have played and are playing in creating a more peaceful world.



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