Addressing Fears about Human Rights-Based Education

afWill teaching children their rights have a negative effect on discipline? Aren't children already much too aware of their entitlements? Will human rights topics burden or frighten young children unnecessarily? Find answers to these frequently asked questions and many more here.

Can children and young people still be expected to help their parents with chores?
How will this affect discipline?
Isn't it the government’s responsibility to ensure that people have the opportunity to learn about human rights?
Shouldn’t we be trying to take the pressure off teachers, not load them with more work?
There are no human rights problems in New Zealand, why do we need to bother?
What about children's respect for the rights of others?
What if one of my students asks a question that I can't answer?
Who is responsible for implementing human rights?
Won't human rights topics frighten young children?
Won’t children and young people become “self-righteous” if they focus on their rights?

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