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A social studies toolkit for human rights learning (secondary)

This resource has been developed to help equip teachers - particularly those teaching levels 4-6 social studies of the New Zealand Curriculum - with some key tools to develop the human rights learning essential to effective citizenship in the 21st century.

Australian Human Rights Commission

This link takes you to the Australian Human Rights Commission website, where you can access human rights activities for the classroom. These activities are suitable for a wide range of age groups.
Compass - Le's talk about sex!

This activity addresses issues and rights related to sexuality, including homosexuality and aims to develop self-confidence to express one’s own opinion on these issues and to promote tolerance and empathy. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 165KB)

Compass - Living in a perfect world

This activity starts with a quiz on proverbs and wise sayings that reflect different aspects of being at peace, and goes on to let participants reflect on the meaning of peace develop peaceful behaviour. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 322KB)

Compass - Makah Whaling

This high level activity involves small group work, role-play, discussion and consensus building about the sustainable use of marine resources, the rights of indigenous peoples to their culture and development and explores the conflicts between the right to development and cultural life and protection of the environment. (Part of the Compass HRE Handbook Manual)

(Download as PDF 270KB)

Compass - Making Links

This activity involves negotiation about the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the government, NGOs and the media in a democracy. It develops an understanding of the link between rights and responsibilities as well as a feeling for the complex relations between the different sectors in a democracy. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 168KB)

Compass - Path to Equality-land

This activity involves small group work, imagination, and drawing in order to explore issues of gender equality and discrimination against women. While developing understanding and appreciation of the goals of equality and gender balance, students develop imagination and creativity to envision the future and to promote justice and respect. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 128KB)

Compass - The impact of the internet

This activity involves both small group and plenary discussions to analyse issues of the future of the Internet and the use of the Internet for the promotion of human rights. Critical thinking skills are developed while becoming aware of the implications of the Internet and access to information world-wide. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 276KB)

Compass - The Scramble for wealth and power

This activity simulates the fight for wealth and power and inequality in the world. Inequality in the distribution of wealth, power imbalance and the consequences are to be critically discussed, as are the causes and consequences of poverty. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 186KB)

Compass - To vote or not to vote

This activity involves a survey of people in the community to explore voting in elections and civic participation. Students develop skills to find out and analyse information critically and learn about the importance of  valuing the personal contribution of every citizen in a democracy. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 241 KB)

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