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A social studies toolkit for human rights learning (secondary)

This resource has been developed to help equip teachers - particularly those teaching levels 4-6 social studies of the New Zealand Curriculum - with some key tools to develop the human rights learning essential to effective citizenship in the 21st century.

Australian Human Rights Commission

This link takes you to the Australian Human Rights Commission website, where you can access human rights activities for the classroom. These activities are suitable for a wide range of age groups.
Between You and Me

A Secondary social studies activity exploring attributes of identity – private, public, and shared. Students are taught how to be aware of their own individuality and that of others, to identify what they have in common with others and to promote respect for diversity.

Compasito 4.02 A constitution for our group

Children develop a group ‘constitution’ stating their rights and responsibilities. Through designing rules for their own group, students learn about democracy, citizenship and how to reach a group consensus for the common good. Suitable for Years 5-9 students. (Part of Compasito Human Rights Handbook).

(Download as PDF 322 KB)

Compasito 4.08 Bullying Scenes

An easily adaptable activity for Year 3-9 students deepening student understanding of bullying. Possible strategic actions against bullying will be discussed as well as support options children have if they find themselves being bullied. (Part of the Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook)

(Download as PDF 422 KB)

Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook

Compasito will provide you with ideas, inspiration and practical help to explore human rights with children. Designed by the Council of Europe and thoroughly tested internationally Compasito includes various rights-based classroom activities suitable for Years 1-10 students. Follow this link to access a list of classroom activities.

Compass - A Glossary of Globalisation

The aim of this activity  is to list as many words as possible around the concept of globalisation. Through this exercise the students gain knowledge and understanding of the manifestations, causes and consequences of globalisation. (Part of the Compass manual on human rights education with young people)

(Download as PDF 108KB)

Compass - Access to medicaments

This activity is based on a case, which came before the South African high court in 2001. In the activity, students weigh both sides of the trial: the right to property of the Pharmacia Companies and the right to life in health and dignity of the people living in the fear of AIDS. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 237KB)

Compass - Beware we are watching

In this activity, students are led to speak about the causes and consequences of globalisation and relocation by transnational companies. By imagining working with trade labours and human rights organisations students an gain understanding of transnational of labour and its implications. (Part of the Compass HRE manual)


(Download as PDF 140KB)

Compass - Can I come in ?

A role-play activity about a group of refugees trying to escape to another country. The plight of refugees and the social and economic arguments for giving and denying asylum will be discussed.

(Part of the Compass HRE manual)

(Download as PDF 220KB)

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