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A social studies toolkit for human rights learning (secondary)

This resource has been developed to help equip teachers - particularly those teaching levels 4-6 social studies of the New Zealand Curriculum - with some key tools to develop the human rights learning essential to effective citizenship in the 21st century.

Australian Human Rights Commission

This link takes you to the Australian Human Rights Commission website, where you can access human rights activities for the classroom. These activities are suitable for a wide range of age groups.
Children's Commissioner for Wales

The Children's Commissioner for Wales website offers a simple, easy online game for young children outlining the Rights of the Child. As children explore a community map they must collect all of their rights by clicking on everyday objects, once they have collected all of the rights in one section they are able to move to the next section of the map.
Compasito 4.05 Blindfolded

An activity suitable for students Years 2-4 which increases understanding of the needs and rights of children with disabilities. (Part of the Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook)

(Download as PDF 252KB)

Compasito 4.08 Bullying Scenes

An easily adaptable activity for Year 3-9 students deepening student understanding of bullying. Possible strategic actions against bullying will be discussed as well as support options children have if they find themselves being bullied. (Part of the Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook)

(Download as PDF 422 KB)

Compasito 4.32 Waterdrops

In this activity  children discuss and learn about the importance of natural resources essential for life, particularly water. Children then discuss ways to protect water and the environment. (Part of the Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook).

(Download as PDF 367KB)

Compasito Human Rights Education Handbook

Compasito will provide you with ideas, inspiration and practical help to explore human rights with children. Designed by the Council of Europe and thoroughly tested internationally Compasito includes various rights-based classroom activities suitable for Years 1-10 students. Follow this link to access a list of classroom activities.

Creating Classroom Rules

The importance of classroom climate and the need for participation and cooperation cannot be emphasised enough. The children’s suggestions and opinions are also very helpful in creating the best classroom atmosphere. Be open to their help and provide necessary changes.The following activity is very significant because it has a direct effect on classroom climate. It clearly demonstrates a teacher’s willingness to involve the class in how the classroom is run and her or his own trust in its members. It also makes children think about what rules are desirable and possible in class, how they might be observed and the teacher’s own role in maintaining the classroom environment.

Download as Word Doc. (65KB)
CyberDodo is a fun interactive website for young children children. The site is dedicated to Defending Life and focuses on the Rights of the Child and the sustainability. offers numerous resources including games, cartoons, quizzes, information files and e-cards along.
Developing a class agreement

In this activity  students gain an understanding of the difficulties and processes involved in treaty negotiations. It will help them to appreciate the relationship between establishing a code of rights & responsibilities, and  living up to an agreed standard of behaviour within everyday occurences. With an emphasis on group participation in the creation and protection of rights, an agreed set of rules and responsibilities is established for the group. Curriculum values of equity - Tika/pono and respect for others - Manaaki/ãwhi, are emphasised. (Part of the HRiE School Resource Kit)

Download as Word Doc. (Word 45.5 KB)

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