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Key articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This presentation outlines the key articles of the 1948 universal declaration, and how they have informed the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Letters and Friends

A Primary and Intermediate activity which can also be adapted to Secondary schools. Involving email and letter correspondence this activity promotes communication skills and understanding between different groups of young people. Applicable to learning languages, social sciences, english and arts learning areas.

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Me on the Wall

A lower Primary activity encouraging discussion, self analysis and formulating questions. Related to learning areas in the social sciences and arts.

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My Puppet Family

A Primary activity to develop an understanding of universal human rights in children through exploring their relationships with family, friends and world at large. Encouraging discussion, creativity, critical thinking and performance skills in children this activity fosters curriculum values of respect for self, others & human rights, diversity,equity,community & participation and integrity.

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Oxfam Education GB

This link takes you to the Oxfam Education GB website, where you can access human rights resources and lesson plans for ages 5 to 16+. It also includes a number of global citizenship classroom activities.
People Around Me

A Primary and Intermediate activity to develop an understanding in children of the importance of human rights in establishing mutual respect between all people. Involving discussion, thinking critically and forming group consensus.

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Planning for a new country

An upper Primary or Intermediate activity to develop children’s understanding of how international human rights agreements come about as a process of negotiation. The differences between wants and needs are highlighted for children as they develop an understanding of how groups make and implement rules and laws.

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An Early Childhood or Lower Primary activity linking to Te Whāriki. In this activity children discover the difference between right and wrong, ideas of accountability and taking responsibility for one's actions, and the beginnings of mediation skills. Creativity, discussion and simple elements of conflict resolution are involved.

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Social inquiry overview - Development of human rights

A template for understanding human rights through a social inquiry approach.

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Social inquiry overview - Parihaka

A template for understanding Parihaka through a social inquiry approach.

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